About Us

Mission Statements


WizardBizz Marketing Private Limited is an emerging direct selling marketing company that offers genuine business opportunity to people of India and abroad to earn a handsome money regardless of their community, qualification and age. Any person with the zeal to excel can join WizardBizz and make their life happier and prosperous.

Considering the current unemployed youths of India, we have prepared a business plan that will offer people the perfect opportunity to become a successful businessperson and above all you can do it by investing a nominal amount of money. How? Just join us and we'll train you; support you to grow; help you to achieve success. As a bonus, all our registered distributors and customers get special benefits and opportunities due to our dominance in the direct selling industry.

Unlike other businesses, anyone can become a member of this marketing group and earn through mutual help. We welcome every youth, housewife, senior citizen as well as professionals to participate in this mission. Your time will be your investment -- the more time you'll invest, the more you earn. Believe it or not, it's as simple as it sounds!

As our aim is NOT to collect some quick fund from the market, we have introduced some useful and quality products that includes health care, personal care, home care, garments and many more. We operate through a streamlined procedure where our registered distributors introduce new customers from anywhere from the country or abroad and get them registered in the customer network. The distributor gets monetary benefits by selling these products and services (Computer Course, Spoken English Course, various Skill Development Course) and also become entitled to various other income opportunities, like Matching Binary Income, Matching Bonus, National & International Tour, Many Rewards, Recognition, Repurchase Income and much more. Apart from these, our distributors also get company products & services at a great discounted prices for their own purpose.

We welcome again all our members and visitors to WizardBizz and wish a grand success!

Our Vision

Our main purpose is to provide a best opportunity to everyone who belongs to India as well as peoples from outside India to help them live a life of financially freedom. We offer the best services and training with committed opportunities to earn money and create happiness, give happiness, dream happiness, feel happiness, enjoy happiness, live happiness and share happiness.

Our Motto

Live with Lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is very high and clear to provide world's best opportunities to the youths in various fields. We have started the mission in the field of Direct Selling Network Marketing with full commitment and devotion and thus we believe no power can stop us from getting the desired success.

Our mission in future is to start working in the field of eCommerce, Holidays, Education, Construction, and many more. As we become mature, we'll gradually make those alive one by one.

Founder Speaks

Er. Yashbant kumar
Dear friends, congratulations on your decision! I had seen a dream in my cheildhood to become a big businessman. After completing my engineering, I worked some time as a junior engineer. But i was not satisfied there than i jumped in marketing field and i worked a long time there. Today with a business conglomerate spread across the globe i can confidently say that the future belongs to those who belive in the beauty of their dreams.

The aspiration to dream and the conviction to follow their dreams is what sets apart the extraordinary from the ordinary. Congratulations for choosing to be among the extraordinary. Now we are in it together. You have sellected the right plateform and right means. The awesome combination of extensively reserched products, magical skill devlopment training and a revolutionary business plan is a perfect formula for success. We are always with you at every step to help you fulfill your dreams and reach confidently your destination.

Chairman's message

I would like to congratulate my all loving leaders belongs to all parts of india for the successful grand launch of an awesome project "wizardbizz marketing private limited". It gives me immense pleasure to share with you that the wizardbizz launch unique kind of products, magical skill devlopment training program to improve selling skill the leaders and best business opportunity among us.

Wizardbizz offers unprecedented opportunities to our distributors to build on their experiences and set the new standards of delivery. I would encourage you to seize the opportunity to aim for bigger dreams for your family by hsving higher goals for your Wizardbizz business. I would urge you to go ahead and share the Wizardbizz opportunity with many more citizens so that you can positivly change the lives the every citizens.

Though the challenges may have been great. You have proved that you have the strength and ability to move successfully through them all. THINK SUCCESS, THINK ACHIVEMENT and keep your eyes and vision on your GOAL.